Message from the President

From car to mobility — Envisioning Mobility for All

Toyota's commitment is not limited to car manufacturing and distribution, but includes delivery of the "new mobility" corresponds with every service that supports people's lives.

In the automobile industry these days, we see rapidly growing needs for the big data collection and utilization, including the improvement of manufacturing processes through big data analysis, utilization of AI in the automated driving, software update via OTA (*1) and expansion of MaaS (*2) such as car-sharing.

In the near future, every car will be a connected car (*3), which is equipped with the communication function. As well as being superior in safety and performance, it provides personalized services tailored to driver's personal characteristics or preferences and works as an interface connecting the driver to the Internet. Moreover, it will be part of the social infrastructure that forms not only a network among cars, but a network among cars and society.

The new mobility society, which is formed through utilization of the data exchanged over the connections between the cars, people, things and society, cannot be realized without the open collaboration of not only automobile companies but various different companies. Toyota's Mobility Services Platform will serve as a foundation to enable it.

As a front runner in Toyota, Toyota InfoTechnology Center (ITC) will strive toward the realization of the next-generation network, edge computing and other mobility services aiming to the creation and realization of the new mobility society, with the slogan "Envisioning Mobility for All." We will also act as a front end interface between inside and outside of Toyota and actively advance cooperation with stakeholders in industry, academia and government at our two facilities in Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan and Silicon Valley, US. We will be devoted to implement all available strategies to find the competent people to work with in order to achieve our goals.

Thank you for all your past and future support and we look forward to serving you.

President and CEOTakashi Imai

(*1)OTA (Over the Air): Wireless delivery of data.
(*2)MaaS (Mobility as a Service): Provision of transport solutions for people and goods as a service.
(*3)Connected car: A car that is capable of communicating with the outside world using cellular phone lines, Wi-Fi, DSRC or some other channels.