Message from the President

Bringing innovation to mobility societythrough Connected Cars and Mobility Service Platform

The smartphone has become part of the infrastructure in our society connecting people to the Internet and giving users a wide variety of information services.
Also in the automobile industry, there is a constantly growing need for big data collection and utilization, including the manufacturing improvement through big data analysis, the AI utilization in automated driving, the OTA (*1) software updates and expansion of MaaS (*2) like car-sharing.
The connected car (*3), which is now just about to spread worldwide, enhances its own safety or performance, offers services that suit the individual characters or preferences to foster an emotional attachment to “my car” and works as an interface that connects drivers to the Internet with its communication function. Moreover, it can potentially be part of the social infrastructure that forms not only a network among cars, but also a network among cars and society.

Such new mobility society, which is generated through utilization of the data exchanged over the connections between the cars, people, things and society, absolutely requires open collaboration not only among automobile companies but also among various organizations. The Mobility Services Platform will serve as a foundation to achieve it.
At Toyota InfoTechnology Center, we believe we can contribute to the realization of a better Mobility Services Platform through providing efficient and secure communications, data processing and analysis, and research and development of architecture design for them.
Thank you for all your past and future support and we look forward to serving you.

President and CEOSatoru Taniguchi

(*1)OTA stands for Over the Air and refers to the wireless delivery of data.
(*2)MaaS stands for Mobility as a Service and provides mobility solutions for people and goods as services.
(*3)A Connected Car is a vehicle that can communicate with its surroundings by using cellular phone lines, Wi-Fi, DSRC or some other channels.